An Australian artist focused on representing the landscape from a conceptual/psychological viewpoint. That is, the images represent a particular insight of reflection by the human psyche to its position within the landscape.
These images may be haunting, tranquil and sometimes beautiful, but there is always a powerful silence channelling an underlying energy; creating questions for the viewer – whether or not they are answered is not important, it’s more the sensation of being in the moment.
This is the experience Claire wants to create for the viewer, to be lost in the beauty of the moment.

BA Visual Arts Sydney College of the Arts

National Gallery of Australia
541 Artspace Kent St Sydney
Group exhibition
Paddington Art Prize Finalist
Semi-Finalist Doug Moran Portrait Prize

Solo Exhibitions
Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre Community Gallery
Piper at the Gates of Dawn
Hunters Hill Art Gallery
I see what you're thinking - the art of perception
Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre Community Gallery
Howl; Banshee Scream