Begin again

Oh my - how are you?

It's been too long between posts I know! So much has happened these past 8! months... For me the difficulty of sitting down and writing is actually finding the time as I'm usually busy making art. No more excuses, time to catch up on all things creative and share some of the highlights of these past months.

The biggest thrill was being a finalist in The Paddington Art Prize in Sep last year - such an honour being shown alongside some amazingly talented Aus artists such as Tim Allen, Suzanne Archer, Jo Bertini, Yvonne Boag, John Bokor, Matthew Bromhead, Tom Carment, Catherine Cassidy, Gary Christian, Dino Consalvo, Lottie Consalvo, Jo Davenport, J Valenzuela Didi, James Drinkwater, Lorraine Droga, Heather Egan, Eva Hampel, Geoff Harvey, David Hawkes, Belynda Henry, Sam Holt, Pamela Honeyfield, Todd Hunter, Susan Jacobsen, Dinah Johanson, Alan Jones, Jason Jowett, Michelle Kirk, Graham Kuo, Peter Lankas, Janice Liley, Genevieve Kemarr Loy, Laura Matthews, Paul Miller, Stephanie Monteith, Justine Muller, Niahjuella, Wayde Owen, John Petrie, Charmaine Pike, Marisa Purcell, Ben Rak, John Reid, Jennifer Riddle, Peter Sharp, Tony Sowersby, James Stephenson, Peter Stevens, Margaret Ellen Turner, Helen McCarthy Tyalmuty, Emma Walker, Greg Warburton and Anthony White. Tim Allen being the overall winner.

This was an incredible experience and a great opportunity to meet some of the artists and gain insight to their work practice. I'm finding the more well known an Aus artist is, the more they are willing to share and encourage others - especially artist Alan Jones - he has taken time to encourage me with my work and given me direction in how and who to approach when it comes to gallery representation. Very valuable information and very much appreciated.

In March this year I will showing alongside 99 other emerging Aus artists at The Other Art Fair Sydney

I will be including my work from The Paddington Art Prize along with a few other paintings and drawings. I hope you can come along. For those overseas, or won't be able to make it, I will be posting images on this blog plus Instagram and Twitter - links below...

Today I'm posting some paintings that may or may not make it to the show - I've some time to decide. They are images of the land and water around the area where I live Como/Oyster Bay - I hope you like them and would love to hear from you.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Claire