Sketch a Day 68

Hello how are you?

The weekend has gone just like that - back to day job tomorrow after the luxury of spending the weekend working on my images and buying equipment for new works.

A friend mentioned to me that you might be interested in knowing how I manage my creative life with my day job - it's not easy, but I have come to a point where I rely on my day job to support my creative output in more ways than one. At my office job, my duties are simple and entail very little decion making which, in isolation, would make for a very tedious day - however, it allows me time in between tasks to concentrate on the bigger philosophical question around what message my art is conveying and is it successful in that respect. Not knowing how to measure this type of success, the answer is in itself esoteric. Without my day job I would not have the time to consider the abstraction of both the content and output of my work.

I need to consider this in more detail.

I'm listening to the wonderful Philippe Jaroussky and Nicole Lemieux There are more songs in this session... Thanks for stopping by.

 Sketch 68 watercolour pen and ink on paper

Sketch 68 watercolour pen and ink on paper