Sketch a Day 66

Hello - how are you? Well, some of you have received your first email update from the blog - thank you so much for subscribing!

The one thing I really love about Friday is that I can stay up until whenever to paint - something I would love to do all day! Well, maybe not it might become a chore as well...

So today's sketch is a rework and addition to a previous sketch - I'm working on the lines over the watercolour to represent the trees within the space - I'm aiming for a rhythm of line and colour - creating a similar harmony to that found in nature. Oh, and sorry about the size of the files - I'm saving for a program to be able to reduce the images - the built in one on this site doesn't seem to work - or that could be me.

Love to hear your thoughts.

Enjoy the weekend - I'll be here.

Thanks for stopping by.

 Sketch 66 watercolour pen and ink on paper

Sketch 66 watercolour pen and ink on paper