I see what you're thinking

I see what you're thinking - the art of perception
solo exhibition held at
Hunters Hill Art Gallery
February 2015

'The more perfect means of direct experience, the more easily we are caught by the dangerous illusion that perceiving is tantamount to knowing and understanding.' Rudolf Arnheim

Gestalt basic principle states that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, for example a painting takes on a different meaning than that of the individual equipment (brushes, paints, canvas etc.) used to create the final image. As such, this exhibition can be viewed in many ways, and in fact is an attempt to explore different concepts of perception.

It is possible to view the images for their aesthetics alone, the colours and textures that harmonize and bring pleasure to the eye, but it's also possible you will question these aesthetics as there may be anomalies within the structure/line work you perceive as discordant.

Landscape is used here as a metaphor to explain what lies beneath the processing of visual information.

In general, we are able to hear the words spoken, but on occasion, facial expressions belie the message. We all have our own version of the truth which we use as a way to support, flatter, protect others feelings, sometimes to engender hurt and sometimes to avoid confrontation.

The images in this exhibition are quiet conversations, not loud accusations - a series of controlled, even thinking in an effort to bring some semblance of peace to these otherwise unsettled times.

Hunters Hill Art Gallery showing small works on stretched paper - to see more works from this exhibition click here